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Tips for Working with The Interface Financial Group

If you want to raise working capital from invoice factoring services, the following tips which could help your chances of getting approved for services. Continue reading

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IFG Network: Factor for Small Business

Plus, there comes a time in every small to medium-sized business where something breaks, and it usually happens during your biggest job and under a very tight deadline. So where will you turn when you need $10 thousand dollars to buy a new piece of equipment. You know you need it or you could risk losing a job that is worth thousands more? You turn to your accountant and ask: “Do we have money coming in? When is it due? How long can we wait?” The answer is always the same – you can’t wait. Some of those invoices may not be paid for 60 to 90 days, but if you don’t finish the job on time, you might lose your biggest job and also ruin your reputation. The good news is that this is a challenge that can be solved by factoring.
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The JOBS Act, Small Business and Commercial Factoring

Commercial factoring is a practice wherein a business sells its accounts receivable invoices to a third party at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. It is a method used by businesses to cover financial needs during periods when cash on hand isn’t enough to meet your needs. It’s not the business’ credit that’s up for inspection but rather the debtor’s (i.e., the party named on the invoice) and there’s nothing to repay – commercial factoring isn’t a bank loan. Loans are based on your assets and the ability to pay it back. But when you factor, the funds available are based on your credit-worthy customers and are virtually unlimited. The more invoices you have, the higher your credit line is. Continue reading

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Search for Financing via Invoice Factoring Services

Challenging times call for cash – and we have all heard that “cash is king” so the key to a successful business might just mean survival during the early stages of a small business. When a small business owner gos to the Small Business Association (SBA) there is so much information on how you can get funding by way of loans. However, what you will not find is how to use factoring companies for getting much needed cash. The SBA asks you many questions in … Continue reading

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Factoring Receivables Comes to the Rescue

There was a recent study by the Pepperdine University Private Markets Capital Projects which surveyed hundreds of privately held businesses as well as thousands of lenders and investors nationwide. This survey found that only 40 percent of businesses had access to the funds they needed to grow their business. Even though these businesses had solid growth plans, they were denied funding from traditional banks and lenders. Author John Paglia found that instead of the projected 10 percent revenue growth most of these businesses could expect, … Continue reading

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Building Better Business Websites Via Factoring Receivables

A professional website is critical for any business today, particularly because customers can be skeptical about businesses without a web presence. Also a website enables people to find you online. Businesses must have the most up to date and functionally appropriate website for their industry. But in a slow economy, paying for this may be a challenge, which factoring receivables can accomplish. Following are some tips: speak with a professional to make your site more competitive. While a simple Yellow Page listing used to be … Continue reading

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How Can an SME Maximize the Chance of Getting Approved For Factoring?

3) Produce an Audit Trail – Factoring companies will want to understand how the paperwork concerning for sales flow through your business. An ideal audit trail begins with the proof of an order from a customer. Next, proof of delivery of the product or services, followed by the production of an invoice. Last, these are to be filed with remittances received from the customer. Continue reading

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2012 Bookeeping Strategies Include Factoring

A bookkeeping system is are the backbone of a small business, so set the groundwork by having an accounting system in place in 2012. If you are a small to medium-sized business (SME) entrepreneur, then bookkeeping probably isn’t your strength. But, it is a necessary component of running a successful business. This means you will need to learn some basic tips for the financial aspects of running your business – from accounting software to factoring. Your bookeeping system will help keep you out of trouble with the IRS.
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Factoring Aids Stagnant Economic Recovery

It is all about cash flow, and factoring is the one thing that can help SMEs with their cash flow today. What this means is that if you own a small business, you should forget about the recession, or the negative predictions or the bad unemployment numbers. Simply instead, take a long hard look at your outstanding invoices. This could very well be a treasure chest of potential. And this is one way to survive gracefully. Continue reading

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Earnings Season: Banks Brace for Declining Growth

Banks are just about ready to start reporting their earnings this week, and with revenue expected to fall 4 percent in the third quarter. According to data from experts, Trepp, the industry’s earnings are expected to be at the place they were at in 2002. Small businesses have not been happy with traditional banks over the last few years, due to lack of support and few loans. In fact, this alone has helped drive businesses to alternative financial solutions such as invoice factoring. Continue reading

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