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The Trickle Down Effect

Economic circumstances continue to improve in the United States based on the earnings reports from large businesses for Q1 of 2011. But what about small businesses? Many small businesses are continuing to struggle, mainly due to little cash flow.

It seems as if business has stabilized but not many small businesses are showing real signs of growth. Assuming that the economy will continue to improve, growth should begin to appear through this year, however there may be some setbacks. -more-

Cash is King

Cash flow is the life blood of any small business today in our ever-changing economy. That is why small businesses are often challenged unable to come up with the funds to pay their payroll or bills. There is research that proves — lack of cash is responsible for 80 percent of business failures, and even if a business appears to be doing well, it is often cash poor. -more-



IFG News

Factoring Provides Businesses with Aid for Taxes

BETHESDA, MD–(Marketwire–March 14, 2011) – The Interface Financial Group (IFG) announced that the company is in the position to offer support to small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) who are in need of funds to pay their 2010 taxes. Many SMEs are still facing challenging times and unable to come up with the funds to pay their taxes this year, which is causing some companies to look for a solution such as invoice factoring. -more-

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