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Invoice Factoring is for Flexible Small Business Strategies

Small businesses require the ability to change rapidly according to market needs, but often, dynamic changes must be made without any hesitation. Basically, the business that can change the most quickly is the funds that the company may not have. A small business must be able to quickly fund these types of sudden expenses.more

Tired of Debt Collection Agents?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) helps protect consumers those who are being harassed by debt collectors, and thanks to our economic situation, many people hear from collectors daily. This group can help you if the same debt collector continues to call you or has already contacted you multiple times; if a collector has ever threatened you with legal action, or any action against you, meaning legal or otherwise; or if they ever bother you at work; or have they ever contacted anyone else on the matter such as a spouse or employer?more

Can Factoring Help Business Owners with Retirement? Yes.

Many small business owners are now very fearful about their ability to retire. Many, in fact, have gone through their retirement investments due to the downturn in our economy.  Have you ever thought about the fact that Invoice factoring is an alternative financial strategy that might help ensure adequate funds for all your bills, plus the retirement plan?   -more-


The Interface Financial Group Predicts Improvement in Construction Factoring

BETHESDA, MD–(Marketwire–August 23, 2011) – According to The Interface Financial Group (IFG), the July 22, 2011 construction report from McGraw-Hill Companies regarding a 15 percent increase in new construction starts in June was a good indication that construction factoring will soon gain as well. –more

The Interface Financial Group Notes Factoring Fills Gap for Small Business Woes

BETHESDA, MD–(Marketwire–August 17, 2011) – According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) most recent survey, hiring and the mood among small business owners continued on a downward spiral. The NFIB’s index, which measures small business optimism, dipped for the fourth consecutive month in a row in June. -more-

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