Factoring News – July

Surviving Small Businesses Move Forward

We are all aware that a significant number of both large and small businesses have struggled to survive during the economic downturn. Small businesses do not have the resources that larger companies have and have been particularly hard hit. Many have closed and the owners have walked away, others have either changed their model, changed the product/services mix or have added products that others would purchase in order to survive. -more-

Factoring Creates Cash Flow to Help Offset Increases in Health Insurance Costs

According to a new National Federation of Independent Business (NFIP) survey the new federal health reform is causing approximately one-fifth of small business owners who offer health insurance to their employees to drastically change their benefits package when they renew their health care plan. The good news is that some business owners have discovered that factoring services can create cash flow to help offset these higher costs on a monthly basis. -more-

Seasonal Business and Cash Flow

Maintaining steady cash flow year round can often be a challenge. Whether your business is retail focused, where most of your sales are made around Christmas and other holidays, or whether you’re a vendor that provides goods and services that are most in demand in certain seasons, such as those involving wedding planning or lawn care/outdoor services, you still need to meet your business expenses year round. -more-

The Interface Financial Group Sees increase in Need for Construction Factoring as Industry Recovers

Construction factoring aids builders recovering from ailing construction market

BETHESDA, MD–(Marketwire–July 21, 2011) – The Interface Financial Group (IFG), North America’s largest alternative funding source for small businesses, reports that even though the U.S. housing construction market rose to 14.6 percent in June to an annual rate of 629,000, the first increase since March, many builders and contractors are still suffering, and there’s an increase in the need for construction factoring services. -more-

Global Opportunities for United States Business Entrepreneurs

US Small Business Entrepreneurs Attempting to Do Business Globally Often Require Factoring Services

BETHESDA, MD–(Marketwire – Jul 14, 2011) – The Interface Financial Group (IFG), North America’s largest alternative funding source for small businesses, recognizes that today more businesses are seeking global opportunities, and with this opportunity comes the demand for funds to manage this business growth. According to recent research, the United States ranks third compared to other nations in the field of entrepreneurship. -more-

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