Factoring News – December 2011

Bookeeping 2012: Things all SMEs Need to Know

Bookkeeping systems are the backbone of any small business, so it is important to set the groundwork by having a solid accounting system in place in 2012. If you are a small to medium-sized business (SME) entrepreneur, then bookkeeping probably isn’t your strength. However it is a necessary component of running a successful business. This means you will need to learn some basic tips for the financial aspects of running your business – from accounting software to factoring. Your bookeeping system will help keep you out of trouble with the IRS. -more-

Factoring Transportation Receivables

If you are interested in running a transportation company properly and professionally, then you need to understand that it has the potential to grow beyond your expectations. This type of business also presents the owner with a cash flow challenge. Transportation is a cash intensive business with many expenses that can’t wait. There are drivers, fuel and repairs that must be paid for. However, clients can take a long as 60 days to pay their freight bills. -more-

Latest Canadian Trend for SMEs: Trend Watching

Trend watching has emerged as one of the latest trends for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) globally. But first SMEs need to know when the trend is entering mass awareness. As just one example, Alberta Canada invoice factoring has recently come to be a new trend in Canada thanks to the global economic times, and small business survival instinct. The reason it is a hot trend right now is because businesses need cash fast these days — waiting for customers to pay an open invoice can take months when the terms are 60 to 90 days. -more-


The Interface Financial Group Offers Solution to Small Businesses Experiencing 80% Late Payment Challenge

Finding New Business and Retaining Customers Are Reported as the Top Business Challenges for 2012

BETHESDA, MD–(Marketwire – Dec 15, 2011)–According to the Interface Financial Group (IFG), a new survey says the majority of small business owners have a positive outlook about their cash flow in 2012, but despite their optimism, 80 percent of small businesses are still plagued by late payments. (Source: The PaySimple Small Business Pulse Survey took place in October 2011 surveying small business owners and employees, with responses from 223 respondents.) Finding new business and retaining customers are reported as the top business challenges for 2012. -more-

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