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Factoring is New Business Strategy for Funding in 2013

Factoring is an alternative to traditional bank lending for cash strapped small businesses looking to grow in 2013. The United States is finally gaining some power in the labor market, which is helping to fuel small businesses and innovation. But there are still many risks from economic uncertaintiesand and why small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) companies think small business factoring should be a consideration. Continue reading

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Trust Your Gut to Use a Factoring Company

Research has proven over and over again that successful entrepreneurs know when to trust their gut. This research is coming in from all kinds of research from a number of different fields incouding  neurology, cognitive psychology and even economics.  The research proves intuition is a real form of knowledge — a skill that anyone can develop and strengthen. Intuition or a gut instinct is something that could be of particular help in today’s stressed economic world.  Making the right business decisions under pressure sometimes means you need to use your intuition … Continue reading

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