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Financing Using Invoice Factoring Services

What is missing from the SBA website however is the information on how you as a business owner can take advantage of accounts receivable factoring services. And if you have never heard about factoring services, you should know that this financial tactic is also known as accounts receivable factoring, and invoice financing. Continue reading

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Factoring Receivables Comes to the Rescue

There was a recent study by the Pepperdine University Private Markets Capital Projects which surveyed hundreds of privately held businesses as well as thousands of lenders and investors nationwide. This survey found that only 40 percent of businesses had access to the funds they needed to grow their business. Even though these businesses had solid growth plans, they were denied funding from traditional banks and lenders. Author John Paglia found that instead of the projected 10 percent revenue growth most of these businesses could expect, … Continue reading

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Earnings Season: Banks Brace for Declining Growth

Banks are just about ready to start reporting their earnings this week, and with revenue expected to fall 4 percent in the third quarter. According to data from experts, Trepp, the industry’s earnings are expected to be at the place they were at in 2002. Small businesses have not been happy with traditional banks over the last few years, due to lack of support and few loans. In fact, this alone has helped drive businesses to alternative financial solutions such as invoice factoring. Continue reading

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Good Habits for SMEs includes Invoice Factoring

You can also benefit from creating a plan and sticking to it. But also review it every quarter because often times economic conditions change. And try to remember if you think you need bankers and investors at the outset of your company; think again, because the majority of small businesses are bootstrapped with debt. Try to go it alone at first, or if you need cash, you might want to think about trying invoice factoring. Invoice factoring is the practice of selling your accounts receivables … Continue reading

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How to Integrate Invoice Factoring Into Your Business

Thanks to difficulties in the current banking and credit environment, many factoring companies are working hard on many new accounts, since many of today’s business owners are still experienced difficulties getting a business loan. Small business loans can be a great tool for business financing, however they are not always the right solution. As the economy continues to improve,  a factoring company like IFG can quickly provide funding to keep a struggling small business out of debt, solvent and growing.   Easy to set up, invoice factoring is a … Continue reading

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The latest McGraw-Hill Construction Outlook 2010 Midyear Update

The current end of the year trends in the building industry include consolidation of development and construction firms, with focus to debt reduction risk management and cost. The latest McGraw-Hill Construction Outlook 2010 Midyear Update for the year 2010 states this was viewed to be the first year of recovery for total construction starts, however, given the slower expansion surrounding the overall U.S. economy, the improving trend for single family housing paused in late spring, therefore the gain for full year 2010 will be smaller … Continue reading

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NFIB Optimism Index Improves: Businesses Leverage Factoring

Recently the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) showed the August optimism index increased from 88.1 in July to 88.8 in August. Plus while four of the index’s 10 components rose, one was unchanged. The average measure in the five years before the economic decline began in December 2007 was 100.6. The August survey also reported job loss averaging 0.3 employees per firm. The survey has reported job losses in 10 of the last 12 months. The Interface Financial Group (IFG), North America’s largest alternative … Continue reading

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Alert: Scam Versus Safe Funding Sources for Women in Business

If you happen to be a woman business owner and you are seeking funds for your business, you need to know that some funding sources target female entrepreneurs. There are loans, scholarships, and other sources of funding including invoice factoring.  But just like anything else in life, there are safe programs, and scams. Here’s what to use to help, but also what to watch out for. The Office of Women’s Business Ownership at the Small Business Administration (SBA) is trying to help level the playing field for … Continue reading

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