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IFG Factoring News – October

End of the Year Construction Factoring Trends The current end of the year trends in the building industry include consolidation of development and construction firms, with focus to debt reduction risk management and cost. The latest McGraw-Hill Construction Outlook 2010 Midyear Update for the year 2010 states this was viewed to be the first year of recovery for total construction starts, however, given the slower expansion surrounding the overall U.S. economy, the improving trend for single family housing paused in late spring, therefore the gain … Continue reading

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IFG Factoring News – March

How Businesses can Manage Tough Economic Times Sometimes owning your own business can make you feel like Humpty Dumpty about ready to fall off the wall. The economic circumstances during this last year of 2009 has been very tough for small business owners, so these times call for creative solutions to help a small business run smoothly. In order to sustain and grow businesses need some cash on hand. And when outstanding invoices stack up, single invoice factoring, also known as spot factoring, is one … Continue reading

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Factoring and Other Financial Trends in the New Year

A recent poll asked successful entrepreneurs what they personally believe affects the success or failure of a startup business today. It directed at 549 founders from all industries, including aerospace, computing, electronics and health care. Critical success factors discussed included learning from their mistakes and their successes, their previous work experience, the need for a strong management team and a little but of good luck. 98 percent said prior work experience was a very important factor. Some of the most common questions asked on the government’s Small Business … Continue reading

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Optimism for an Inproved Economy is at -8

Today the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) monthly report was released, which indicates small businesses state of mind is not too optimistic about the year-end economic state. The report shows the trends index as being stuck at recession levels. Plans to increase employment dropped – 2; plans to make capital outlays dropped – 1; but the worse score was a drop of – 8 for expecting the economy to improve. The same mood was reflected in today’s speech by President Obama who addressed small business by talking about the … Continue reading

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