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Factoring Receivables Comes to the Rescue

There was a recent study by the Pepperdine University Private Markets Capital Projects which surveyed hundreds of privately held businesses as well as thousands of lenders and investors nationwide. This survey found that only 40 percent of businesses had access to the funds they needed to grow their business. Even though these businesses had solid growth plans, they were denied funding from traditional banks and lenders. Author John Paglia found that instead of the projected 10 percent revenue growth most of these businesses could expect, … Continue reading

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Tips on Controlling Business Expenses

It really does not matter whether business is facing financial challenges, growing at a manageable rate, or booming, without oversight a company’s spending can easily spiral out of control. Have you established company spending policies? Because if you have not,  it will be difficult to set boundaries, or create controls, let alone enforce spending policies. Anyone who runs a business – whether small or large – has expenses. As a small business matures the need for spending controls is eminent. Here are a couple of strategies to support the process. One company known … Continue reading

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How Invoice Factoring Can Help You Start a Business

Since the economic recession, more and more people have lost their jobs, and careers, so more people than ever before are becomming entrepreneurs and starting their own small businesses. And today, the Internet affords so many new opportiunities for online commerce to these small businesses. It has always been the same — business success comes easiest when you’ve done your research, are passionate about your business and work hard.  If you are thinking about starting a new business, you first need to do some market research before you decide if … Continue reading

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Invoice Factoring Rescues Small Businesses

Operating a small business these days means keeping accurate and timely financial records so you can monitor your business and its successes monthly. Excellent record keeping will also provide  you with the information required to evaluate your financial decisions for the future. It also saves money when someone in your own company keeps the books as opposed to an outside accountant. What if you were to need more money to pay bills one month? Factoring is an age-old solution that provides funds in about 24 hours. In fact, single invoice factoring is a … Continue reading

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