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Factoring News – August 2012

Invoice Factoring Can Rescue U.S. Macroeconomic Conditions More than halfway through the year 2012 it is no secret that the U.S. economy slowed down drastically during the first half of 2012. The annual growth rate being at just 1.75 percent. What is sad for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) is that the economy is expected to continue to be weak during the last two quarters of 2012. Many of these SMEs have opted to survice via an age old strategy known as invoice factoring. –more– … Continue reading

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Factoring in the Wake of Banks’ Cuts in Small Business Lending

A Treasury report released on Friday January 11 stated the country’s largest banks cut their collective small business lending balance by another $1 billion in November. This was the seventh straight month of declines. Many small businesses are using invoice factoring in the wake of banks’ cuts in small business lending. Factoring aids small businesses as they need funds, and there are no obligations like there are with loans, since the money received is based on accounts receivables, while borrowing simply puts them in debt. Twenty two … Continue reading

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While the Administration Plans to Remedy Regional Bank Loans Factoring Solutions Continue to Save Small Businesses

Bethesda, MD (MarketWire – October 22, 2009)–The Interface Financial Group (IFG), North America’s largest alternative funding source for small business, today commented on the news regarding the Obama administration’s plan to assist small businesses in applying for loans, as well as U.S. House of Representatives legislation toward increasing the ceiling on federal government loan programs. IFG provides short-term financial resources including invoice factoring to companies in the United States, Canada, Australia,  New Zealand, and Singapres, and offers cross-border transaction facilities between the U.S. and Canada. From additional … Continue reading

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Factoring Versus an SBA Loan for Small Businesses

“Stimulus Presents Opportunities For Small Business” workshops are being held in targeted communities nationwide specifically to help small business owners understand how they can compete for the government’s stimulus dollars. The reason is because figuring out how to take advantage of these government opportunities is very challenging, especially for small business people. Defined as having 100 employees or less, many of the country’s small businesses are in crisis thanks to the recession. The federal government has made it easier for small businesses to obtain loans now  that … Continue reading

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Small Business Financing Could Save Your Small Business

In his last weekly radio and video speech last week President Barak Obama said that he will be stepping up efforts to maintain public support for his agenda.  The president says that he has pulled the economy back from the brink, admitting the economic downturn has proved deeper than he and the White House projected initially. But for many U.S. small businesses, it might be too late. As unemployment has hit an all-time high, and is still rising,  people have a right be be worried, especially small business owners. What’s more, the … Continue reading

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